Summer Lovin Collection
Summer Lovin Collection
Summer Lovin Collection
Summer Lovin Collection

Summer Lovin Collection

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50+hrs burn time

Watermelon Lemonade -    Watermelon Lemonade fragrance oil is a sweet summery scent. Sugared lemon and juicy watermelon are the stars of this delicious scent. A delicious playful summer fragrance.

Wild Currant Sandalwood - Wild Currant & Sandalwood fragrance oil smells like sweet fruit and berries surrounded by base notes of sandalwood, musk and vanilla

Raspberry Peach Magnolia - Peach Magnolia Raspberry fragrance oil, ripe peaches entice with their succulent and sunny essence. The floral embrace of magnolia blooms adds an elegant touch, infusing the scent with a hint of softness and sophistication. The vibrant and tangy notes of fresh raspberries complete the composition, bringing a burst of irresistible sweetness to the mix

How to ensure longer life of your Set The Mood candle:

  • First time lighting, please ensure you burn for at least a few hours
  • Trim wick before every use.
  • Keep sheltered from drafts and out of the direct sunlight
  • Burn for no longer than  hours at a time. 

Please read labels for warnings and follow as directed

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